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Goldkey Service
Quaestus is an approved provider of the US Commercial Service Gold Key program to US companies investigating the Irish Market.
The Gold Key Service includes:
  • customized market and industry briefings prior to your business meetings
  • meetings with only the best contacts for your company's particular objectives
  • assistance with travel, accommodations, and finding interpreters
  • debriefing with trade professionals to discuss the results of your meetings and appropriate follow-up strategies.

For further information on the Gold Key Service click here... and for information on the Irish section of the Gold Key service, click here...







US-Ireland Trade Missions
Quaestus has also coordinated many transatlantic trade missions. We have worked on both the incoming and outgoing missions for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We have also worked on missions for the state of Vermont and a matchmaking exercise for the National Association of Manufacturers.


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