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Strategic Market Planning International Marketing Growth Strategies Marketing Consultancy
Hands-on Consultancy Strategic Communications Market Intelligence Industry Analysis
Strategic Market Planning
  • Identifying and resolving strategic issues
  • Identifying and researching existing and emerging segments and vertical markets
  • Mapping out possible strategic directions by industry analysis and competitor benchmarking
  • Carrying out internal analysis and working closely with management to evaluate different options
  • Preparing detailed action-orientated implementation plans

International Marketing

  • Selecting the most attractive markets based on comprehensive research and analysis
  • Carrying out detailed research prior to market entry
  • Selecting market entry strategies
  • Positioning clients for long sustainable growth

Growth Strategies

  • Reviewing existing assumptions and industry forces
  • Analysing the competition
  • Examining future trends
  • Evaluating current and proposed strategies
  • Developing implementation plans to maximise the opportunity

Marketing Consultancy

  • Examining product and competitor positioning
  • Carrying out marketing audits
  • Assessing corporate image
  • Identifying new distribution channels
  • Analysing customer purchasing behaviour
  • Evaluating market potential
  • Planning the marketing strategy to ensure success

Hands-on Consultancy

  • Detailed marketing programmes
  • Setting sales targets and marketing budgets
  • Attending management meetings
  • Project managing marketing activities (literature, public relations, advertising, video)
  • Attending buyer negotiations
  • Running regular strategic sessions
  • Creating marketing databases

Strategic Communications

  • Company repositioning
  • Targeting key influencers and publications
  • Liaising with web site developers
  • Carrying out corporate perception surveys among key decision makers

Market Intelligence

  • Desk research: internal and external sources such as customer lists and online databases
  • Primary research: interviews and surveys among existing and potential customers, distributors and industry experts
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Competitor tracking
  • Customer information databases

Industry Analysis

  • Competitors
  • Buyers
  • Pricing
  • Channels
  • Changes in the value chain
  • Regulatory forces
  • Technology
  • Factors affecting the industry