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November 2004 - "Innovate  Market  Sell"


Forfas, in association with Enterprise Ireland, Bord Bia and the Expert Group on Future Skill Needs, published a report prepared by Quaestus, MDR Consulting and Euroman Consulting, into the sales, marketing and innovation capabilities of Irish exporting SMEs. This provides an in-depth benchmarking analysis of Irish firms' performance by sector and against overseas companies, and comprehensive recommendations for going forward. It provides a roadmap for the various Government departments and state agencies to implement the findings of the Enterprise Strategy Report concerning the need to strengthen these core areas of company capability.  For the full report click here.
July 2004
Ahead of the Curve, Ireland's Place in the Global Economy
Quaestus, in association with MDR Consulting, provided important background research and recommendations on the sales, marketing and innovation capabilities of Irish exporting SMEs, which was incorporated into the Enterprise Strategy Report launched by the Tanaiste and Minister for Enterprise Trade & Employment on 7 July 2004. The Enterprise Strategy Report maps the recommended strategic positioning and associated skills and resource requirements for Ireland to continue as a leading player in the increasingly competitive global economy...For the full report click here.

March 2004

Quaestus has continued as one of the co-sponsors of the Mallin invent Award, worth €60,000, for the best start-up company from Dublin City University...More...


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Ireland's economy, which soared in the 1990s through technology investment, is bracing for more bad news this week...More...


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There is a common misconception that a venture capital (VC) firm's role is to finance start up companies and people with innovative ideas. However it is when the innovative ideas of the entrepreneur have attained some degree of commercial viability that venture capital plays its major role... More...