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How we work…

  • First we meet with you to discuss your objectives and to explore the various issues. Then we prepare an initial proposal for discussion and refinement. A revised proposal is then prepared which becomes the workplan.

  • The cost is a function of the time and level of staff involved, and any expenses such as travel or information search and acquisition fees.

  • The team members will be selected based on sectoral experience, skills in research, analysis and consulting, language ability and country knowledge.

  • We then carry out extensive desk research using online databases, contacting trade journals and industry associations, etc. to obtain as much background information as possible, and to identify the names of companies and people to contact subsequently.

  • We have years of experience in this area and access to all the leading electronic databases.

  • Following the desk research phase we then undertake extensive industry interviews, either by telephone or face to face. By talking to industry players and experts we can give you an objective picture of the market situation and present the options available to you.

  • Our findings are then analysed and summarised in report format, and often provided in database format for you to integrate with your existing marketing database.