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Food & Drink

We have worked for both large and small food and drink producers as well as for industry bodies, covering everything from dairy products to hot snacks.

Drinks Frozen Chilled
ready meals hot snacks
fresh fruit juices poultry fresh pasta
adult soft drinks snacks ready meals
mineral water part baked bread  
  filled baguettes  
Ingredients Dairy Bakery
milk powder cheese part baked bread
performance cheese yellow fat morning goods
yeast  milk powder filled baguettes
sauces infant formula filled baps
proteins   in-store bakeries
Consulting & design  Packaging Food service
process design flexible in-store bakeries
agri-business blow moulded forecourts
  labels gas flushed hot snacks
  cartons poultry portions
Equipment Fish Process equipment
hot beverages fish farming formed meats
water coolers oysters packing equipment
    barcoding and scanners
Petfoods Confectionary Studies
dog food savoury snacks import substitution
cat food   distribution
horse feed   UK food service market strategy